Savvy Vegan: Top 3 Vegan money blackholes

VegNews’ sub-blog, Savvy Vegan, recently posted their Top 3 ways in which vegans can get sucked into spending unnecessarily. They offer a few reminders and hints about keeping your cash in your own wallet.

Just imagine your (read: my) surprise when lo and behold, sometime around drink number 1.4, you’re ravenous and have suddenly ordered all of the appetizers on the menu, and the bill has now jumped from a mere $20ish to a whopping $600ish. (Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s definitely how expensive the meal will seem.)

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For me personally, it’s the dried fruit-filled pre-packaged granola bars, the nuts, the fancy juices – mostly things that are not necessarily “treats”, but are also not crucial. I’ve wanted to get into making more granola bars at home and packing them up for the week or freezing some. A food dehydrator might end up just sitting in the cabinet, though. Baby steps….   Perhaps I’ll have to embark on a spree of granola experimentation.








~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on October 4, 2011.

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