SpindleBell Giveaway – Veg*n Bracelet (Closed)

As promised, the time has come to announce the details of GLV’s VeganMoFo giveaways! The first giveaway, being chosen and announced on Wednesday, October 5th, will be a Veg*n Bracelet from SpindleBell.

A custom, handmade bracelet featuring SpindleBell’s signature “Veg*n” tablet-style focal beads offers a beautiful statement. “Veg’n” is an interchangeable abbreviation for both “vegan” and “vegetarian”. These bracelets are an elegant and unique way to share your passion for cruelty-free and compassionate living, and they always spark a conversation!

How Do I Win!

Your mission is comprised of three parts.

1. Say hi at the GLV Facebook page! “Like” it and drop us a comment note!

2.  Recommend your favorite vegan or cruelty-free product below. Anything goes – hair products, book, snacks, household supplies, clothing, accessories, etc. Feel free to get creative here. Write a brief description of why you love it so! Before you post your comment, keep reading..

3.  Share this giveaway via an original post by you on your Blog/Website or Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or whichever site you like best and include the link in your comment here.


All entries must include all three steps and be submitted by 6 pm on Wednesday, October 5th. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced by 11:59 pm on October 5th.

Good luck!

There will be a 2nd giveaway on October 25th! Stay posted!


Congratulations to MMMorgans!

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 30, 2011.

11 Responses to “SpindleBell Giveaway – Veg*n Bracelet (Closed)”

  1. Okay! I can’t think of my most favorite – there are so many awesome vegan things – but I really like the alba shaving cream. It smells great, you don’t need a lot for it to work well, and it really helps get a clean shave (and make you smell yummy!). I like the coconut lime a lot – http://www.albabotanica.com/?id=65&pid=113

  2. […] my eye. GreenLightVegan is giving away a gorgeous SpindleBell bracelet, to see how to enter click here. To find out about other contests going on check out the PPK thread all about giveaways! I hope you […]

  3. It is so hard to pick just one favorite vegan item! But since you are making me pick a fave I am going to go with ALBA Hawaiian skincare line. That counts as one product right? The toner is awesome! As is the facewash. The fragrance is nice and light, the moisturizer doesnt feel at all heavy or oily. They are just really great products!

    Below is the link to my post about your contest! http://gumbootscatsvegansnacks.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/vegan-mofo-is-here-2/

  4. […] the instructions, and do so before 6pm on Wednesday 10/5/2011, and you could be sporting this cute SpindleBell […]

  5. […] that I’m hoping to win is from Green Light Vegan. Check out the giveaway and rules for the SpindleBell Giveway – Veg*an Bracelet! Good luck and happy […]

  6. I love Tofurky’s Pepperoni pizza! It is so good because it reminds me of eating frozen pizza back before I was vegan and it’s a nice, easy, comfort food for me. Giving up cheese pizza is hard for many people, and this makes it easier to go cruelty-free.

    I posted your awesome contest here at my blog and on Facebook.

  7. Oh I missed a part! I tweeted it but I can’t remember how to get a direct link to a specific tweet! D’oh. http://twitter.com/#!/appifanie

  8. I like you on facebook and I tweeted the giveaway @avocadosandwich. There are so many great vegan things, but some of my favorites are the lotions from Desert Essence Organics.

  9. Favorite vegan product is hard! We’re lucky to have Blackbird Pizzeria here in Philly, and I looove their sandwiches (and fries, of course). The pizza is pretty good, too. (The Tofurky pizzas are nice too, and convenient!)

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