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Working, traveling, and creating render my days very full. I used to find myself behind the wheel waiting for red lights so I could contort myself backwards to dig through piles in my backseat, searching for something to curb my hunger until I reached my destination. Needless to say, any findings were never more healthful or substantial than a granola bar or left-over crackers from a previous day’s travels. I began to see my time in my car as a great opportunity to improve my eating habits.

Green Light Vegan originated from these moments and it epitomizes my freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want and still have access to ample, healthy vegan choices. My love of art, animals, and eco-friendly DIY have worked their way into GLV, too. Enjoy!

glvb Vegan recipes

glvb Cooking and baking tips

glvb Nutrition information

glvb Animal rights/activism resources

glvb My own vegan story

glvb Art and crafty things. Free projects too!

With all of these bits and pieces, I hope to accomplish something a bit bigger:

glvb To show non-vegans how easy it is to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle.

glvb To give tips to current vegans to simplify their lifestyle.

glvb To give support and motivation to those who may be having trouble staying vegan.

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Navigating Green Light

 On the main page, you’ll see the most recent posts. The “meat” of the matter. See the right sidebar for other places to go.

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Announcements: Info on changes, news, etc. on Green Light.

Green Light Pages: Pages dedicated to their respective topics. The nature of posts is somewhat fleeting as they get bumped back from the front page into the archives. Page topics are what I deem most important and help to organize Green Light.

Green Light Topics: Categories of posts. Self explanatory!

Below the Topics section, you can find an organized list of important/fun links to check out. I choose these carefully and they are not ads!

About The Author


I’m Katherine, worker bee, artist, and chocolate fiend behind GLV. I was inspired to begin Green Light Vegan to help other vegans find ways to keep a well-balanced diet in spite of a busy life. When I first became vegan, I overcame many obstacles and temptations while stuck in situations where I found no vegan options and thought I could share some of my experiences to help out my fellow vegans and vegetarians. I have had far too many moments in my car where I thought “That would be a good blog post!”  So, you shall have them. Thanks for reading!


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