Savvy Vegan: Top 3 Vegan money blackholes

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VegNews’ sub-blog, Savvy Vegan, recently posted their Top 3 ways in which vegans can get sucked into spending unnecessarily. They offer a few reminders and hints about keeping your cash in your own wallet.

Just imagine your (read: my) surprise when lo and behold, sometime around drink number 1.4, you’re ravenous and have suddenly ordered all of the appetizers on the menu, and the bill has now jumped from a mere $20ish to a whopping $600ish. (Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s definitely how expensive the meal will seem.)

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For me personally, it’s the dried fruit-filled pre-packaged granola bars, the nuts, the fancy juices – mostly things that are not necessarily “treats”, but are also not crucial. I’ve wanted to get into making more granola bars at home and packing them up for the week or freezing some. A food dehydrator might end up just sitting in the cabinet, though. Baby steps….   Perhaps I’ll have to embark on a spree of granola experimentation.








Tomato Rosemary Scones from Vegan Brunch

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I did not make these for my brunch.

I did not make these for my lunch.

O! Scone-ione-iones

at Midnight.

-me, just now

I received Vegan Brunch (by the one and only Isa Chandra Moskowitz) as a Christmas gift last year and went to town on it with my sticky flags, picking out my favorite-sounding recipes. One that I had yet to try was the Tomato Rosemary Scones. Perhaps it was all of the immediate birthday needs and my overall preference to bake sweeties that steered me off course, but last night, success was had!

I have a tendency to get heartburn easily, especially when consuming tomato products after midnight…   (!)  However, for those with normally flame-retardant esophagi, this is such a scrumptious recipe and pretty hard to mess up, in my opinion. My only complaint? It’s very sticky. I found myself dipping my long-handled spoon into my bag of flour (to add for kneading), in hopes that I would not get the mess in the bag – it was an urgent goo-handed need. I recommend more than a “lightly floured” surface for these goo monsters. It was also somewhat tricky to make the triangle shapes because it required making *two small discs to slice into sixths. After the first disc was sliced, I created six more round, and equally delectable, scones.

They were done in 14 minutes and came right up off of the pan. I’m wondering if the extra two minutes allotted in the recipe may have dulled their superhero-strength orange tint, but I love their consistency. I sent some off to work with my guy today and plan on sharing the rest with my coworkers and parents. They are too good to not share, and surely this means making another batch by the weekend!

Thanks, Isa!

*Yes, you do only count nine in the photo. :p

IBakeCupcakes’ Summer Flowers

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I just discovered the beautiful work of I Bake Cupcakes‘ master artist Sarah-Lyn. These adorable, elegant, and creative vegan cupcakes had me scouring every page on the blog! My particular favorites were her Summer flowers cupcakes. She selected the edible blooms, along with fresh strawberries for the icing, at a farmer’s market. Be sure to skim through all of her beautiful work!

Vegan Pizza at Sacco’s Bowl Haven and some Pretty Things

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Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my good friends and to celebrate, our gang went out last night to celebrate – surprise style. The birthday guy’s lady planned a secret meet up at Flatbread Somerville at Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Somerville, MA. While we awaited their arrival, I and my hungry tum scanned the menu and I was so excited to see a nice little vegan pizza option with my two all-time favorite toppings – mushrooms and black olives. Score! Aside from the awkward slicing job, which left some very long and narrow (and messy) slices, it was double delicious! I was particularly excited to be in the presence of some Honk!ers and Boston Derby Dames.

Let’s talk beer. Sacco’s has a wide array of local brews. I got a Pretty Things and to my surprise, it came in a gold-rimmed goblet! Who felt like the belle of the bowling ball?


In case you’re unfamiliar with Pretty Things, self-proclaimed gypsy brewers, they offer mostlyvegan-friendly options. Their cask-conditioned selections are not vegan, however.

If you’re looking to try out some Pretty Things, catch the crew at one of their upcoming local events.

Beer Launch Party: Babayaga
Somerville MA

Harvest Fest
Somerville, MA

Warm food, warm hearts, and some art

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It’s been a busy weekend with friends and family and although I didn’t get a chance to share my favorite soup (which just happened to be waiting for me when I got home from my parents’!), I did get a chance to bake something special tonight to go with it for lunch tomorrow.  All I can say about it is that my cat was strangely drawn to it…

I stocked up on a few key ingredients for my MoFo plans today. Knowing that I had only a couple of hours to visit with my parents, I opted for a trip to the grocery store with my Dad. It was so nice to have a Sunday shopping day with him again. We haven’t hit (just about all of) the grocery aisles together since I was about 16. We were never super into food and food conversations as a family, but it’s always a nice jaunt through the store to compare notes on different products. I’ve been on the hunt for a particular type of muffin to bake for him soon, too. Baked goods that are both vegan and low in sugar are easy to accomplish with agave. Praise, agave!

In the MoFo craze, I’ve also been working on an animal illustration book. I plan to complete about 10 pages to offer as part of a downloadable PDF. More on that as it progresses. If you are interested in sneak previews, don’t hesitate to drop a line to have a page e-mailed to you.

All in all, there are plenty of things to look forward to this week, including the deadline (October 5th, 6pm) for the Veg*n Bracelet giveaway!

Wild for Nubar

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Nubar nail lacquers save the day! Up to par with PETA’s cruelty free standards, these bunny-donning polishes are ten times as exciting when you have a clear conscience. Although I keep picturing them in small gift boxes and as stocking stuffers, their gifting value will definitely last year-round!

Nubar collections include Classic, Seasonal, Duochromes, Nudes, Sparkles, Prisms, and many more. With virtually every color you could dream of in both lacquers and nail art, and an extensive selection of tools, jewels, and other spa products, you can throw almost everything you need in one “cart”.

The Nubar blog has updates on new arrivals, too.

Dress up your world with Urban Threads

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During my travels in compiling my list of my favorite crafting sites, I came across this funky little gem! Urban Threads is a little shop that sells original embroidery patterns and other items. I didn’t quite understand the whole picture until I read the project instructions. Buy a pattern, place it, stitch over it. I am thoroughly appreciating the talent of anyone who sews or embroiders!

To learn about Urban Thread’s creator, Niamh, and her band of misfits (and nibblin’ bunnies), read their story.

My favorite design is this anatomical brain (which comes in the Anatomy design pack.)

Cute Baking collage in the Kitchen pack.

I could go on about my other favorite designs (like these Skullies!) but I’ll hop to my original reason for posting about Urban Threads. They also have some wonderful sewing and embroidering tutorials. Decor, clothing, accessories, holiday items, useful trinkets, and many other great projects!

Urban Threads - Felt Bowl Tutorial

   Urban Threads - CD Holder Tutorial

Urban Threads - Lace Fascinator Tutorial

 Urban Threads - Steampunk Lace Mask Tutorial

Urban Threads - Antique Embroidered Book Tutorial

Urban Threads - Stencil Hoodie Tutorial