Mike’s T-Shirt Yarn

During one of my many late-night adventures in online craft sites, I came across a new favorite shop and I had to share – Mike’s T-Shirt Yarn (Etsy).  For some reason, t-shirt yarn is still flying under the radar of a lot of eco-crafters. Perhaps that’s because creating the yarn is a craft in itself.

T Shirt Yarn Recycled Green 36 Yards Super Bulky Crafting Cord

Aside from a crisp, clean appearance, Mike’s yarns are very handy for a wide array of projects. He mentions pot holders and scrubbers as great candidates for this sturdy, easy to clean yarn, but I absolutely love the knotted bracelets he makes.

“Each ball of yarn is made using a clean, no longer wanted T shirt. I accurately cut each shirt into a continuous ribbon of fabric (never any knots or seams). Next, I stretch the ribbon of fabric into the beautiful, smooth yarn that you see in my shop. I am always careful to make sure that the sides of the ribbon roll over nicely so that there are no cut edges showing. Each skein will come to you in a convenient, ready to use, center pull ball.” 


I especially love the fabric woven through the center of the bracelet. Keep up the great work, Mike!


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on January 11, 2012.

One Response to “Mike’s T-Shirt Yarn”

  1. Wow! these look amazing? Why have I not seen anything like this before!

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