Dress up your world with Urban Threads

During my travels in compiling my list of my favorite crafting sites, I came across this funky little gem! Urban Threads is a little shop that sells original embroidery patterns and other items. I didn’t quite understand the whole picture until I read the project instructions. Buy a pattern, place it, stitch over it. I am thoroughly appreciating the talent of anyone who sews or embroiders!

To learn about Urban Thread’s creator, Niamh, and her band of misfits (and nibblin’ bunnies), read their story.

My favorite design is this anatomical brain (which comes in the Anatomy design pack.)

Cute Baking collage in the Kitchen pack.

I could go on about my other favorite designs (like these Skullies!) but I’ll hop to my original reason for posting about Urban Threads. They also have some wonderful sewing and embroidering tutorials. Decor, clothing, accessories, holiday items, useful trinkets, and many other great projects!

Urban Threads - Felt Bowl Tutorial

   Urban Threads - CD Holder Tutorial

Urban Threads - Lace Fascinator Tutorial

 Urban Threads - Steampunk Lace Mask Tutorial

Urban Threads - Antique Embroidered Book Tutorial

Urban Threads - Stencil Hoodie Tutorial


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on October 2, 2011.

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