Vegan Etsy – Create, Shop, and Give

Behold! Vegan Etsy mecca! A treasure trove of vegan resources and Etsy shops whose proceeds go to charities comprise this glorious group.

If you’re unfamiliar with Etsy teams, I recommend checking out what they’re about. Essentially, groups of similar Etsy sellers link up and create a team. In this case, vegan and eco-friendly shops have united to form Vegan Etsy. There are several other similar compassionate groups, but I’ve deduced this is the most dedicated and prolific vegan team to date.

We are an Etsy “street team” made up of vegans who maintain completely vegan shops…Many of us give a percentage of our sales to animal charities. Our focus is on promoting the purchase of handmade items, and supporting vegans and vegan education.

VeganEtsy Blog
VeganEtsy Team page

Some personal favorites from the Team:

Red Fox Screenprinted Pillow, 3-color Hand Printed

SassAndPeril‘s Red Fox Screen Printed Pillow

Gabrielle Satchel in Khaki Organic Twill
Boston’s PansyMaiden‘s Gabrielle Satchel

Let's Parrrty (hand-drawn pirate themed eco friendly card printed on banana paper)

MerryBluesArt‘s Let’s Parrrty! card

Go forth and make!

P.S. How super excited was I to see that VE is participating in VeganMoFo?!


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 25, 2011.

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