Girlie Girl Army – Soldier On, Ladies

Every once in a while, I humor my glittery/shop-a-holic/p!nk/”cuuUuuUute!” side. I see vegan resources on a sparkly site and I’m hookedGirlie Girl Army is a fashion and lifestyle guide. It’s like Cosmo for girls who care about their bodies, the Earth, and the animals.

From articles about protesting animal testing and information on “keeping your titties tubular” to being a platform to external info like this Huffington Post piece about vegan nutrition myths , GGA is worth a skim every day to snag some crucial news bits.

My particular favorite part of the site? The Best Of section, divided by US cities. I’m currently compiling a similar prestigious list for GLV to highlight Boston’s best. It’s an accessible way to give readers what they truly want when shopping around – a name, an opinion, and a link for them to go check it out themselves.

Kudos, Girlie Girls.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 25, 2011.

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