Raw Insight

I recently attended a small raw vegan foods class and came away with some new insights, as well as some cynicism for vegans.

I’m not ready to go Raw. (I don’t say “I could never do that!” anymore about anything because I thought I may never be vegan 10 years ago.) I went vegan because of my love of animals. Raw vegan foods are certainly healthy and, when done right, a raw diet is great. I had never really entertained the idea seriously, but raw vegan is not for me. My motivation lies in eating compassionately. Eating healthy is important, but it’s a very close second. My priorities are crystal clear when anyone looks at my shopping cart with weekly soy ice cream and vegan cookies!

I do love Raw foods. I was very excited to try some new foods that are 100% raw. I do appreciate and desire healthy yums and trying new food is essential to eating a balanced diet. I’ve had my eye on mango salsa and I finally tried some – loved it. I have a new attention for more raw foods now. I will certainly post about my finds!

“I don’t tell my doctor about any of this”. How many times have I gone out to eat and asked for dairy-free options, but let the server believe it was because I had allergies? Once. It was a cowardly, comfortable thing to do, but I will never let my veganism be an embarassment again. This includes when I go to the doctor. Being healthy and putting out a positive message about veganism includes discussing with your doctor your nutritional needs. This may mean going to a nutrionist to counsel with based on your own unique diet and needs. Vegan or not, everyone should discuss their eating habits with their doctor. Some underlying conditions (i.e. anemia) can go unnoticed and some key elements to diagnosis lie in one’s diet.

Vegan kids/vegan pregnancy? I’m still on the fence about this because, at 25, I’ve only barely embarked on the subject. I’d like to learn more and hear more debate on the issue. Perhaps it’s my omnivorously-influenced childhood, but I feel intuitively that my veganism will take a backseat when I’m pregnant. I know I’ll keep meat away from my meals, though.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on March 30, 2010.

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