Vegan Easter Baskets

Clover and Eggs Basket

While I was growing up, my Easter baskets contained only candy. Kids these days are getting toys, games, and other goodies that overflow from their basket to the surrounding area on the floors. And they still have an egg hunt for more treats! I don’t want to perpetuate the “buying trend that has become part of Easter, but the creative atoms in me have been stirred and I wanted to share some vegan Easter basket ideas to give as gifts to friends and family. If you search online for “vegan Easter basket”, you will find many expensive pre-made baskets, so try your hand at putting together a more personal basket with the ideas below.

  If you’re a basic candy-and-grass-in-a-basket type, there are plenty of vegan options. I listed my personal favorites. See Vegan Easter Candy 2010 for more candy.

Organic Chocolate Sitting Bunny by Sjaak’s

  • Sweet and Sara marshmallow treats
  • Airheads, Blow Pops, Charms Pops, Dum Dums, Mambas, Now and Later, Pez, Ring Pop, Smarties, Swedish Fish, Starburst jelly beans. *
  • Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, Plamil chocolate (see below)
  • See the Shopping sidebar for other online candy sources.

*Most gelatin-free candy may include ingredients such as beeswax, carnauba wax, carmine, or Red 40. These are considered insect by-products.

  These neat faux-chocolate bunnies are painted to look very real. A great everlasting decorative gift to enjoy.

  For a more personalized gift basket:

Eco-friendly “grass”.


  • Cut (or machine shredded) strips of newspaper, comics, a favorite magazine, paper (not foil) gift wrap, shopping bags, lunch bags. The less colorful options can be colored beforehand by soaking in food coloring (dry to a crisp before cutting), or by decorating with splatter paint, crayon, marker, or metallic paints/markers.
  • A new tee or sweater. Or socks! Wearable “grass” items are a perfect way to sneak in an extra, sometimes practical, gift.
  • An apron. Or potholders, for a chef. With veganism sometimes comes a love of cooking. A cooking/baking themed basket with kitchen toys is a lot of fun.
  • A luxurious towel. Or face cloths. A “spa” basket is perfect for the up-coming sandal season.
  • A re-usable shopping tote. Any sturdy and colorful re-usable tote bag will be a welcomed item for eco-conscious folk. Find them at your local grocery store, dollar store, or online. I love the handmade ones on Etsy like TheKitchenRoost (some shops offer custom items, too!)
organic reusable produce bags - set of 3

A basic, plastic-grass free basket is never too modest for anyone if you want to keep it simple and cheap.

Unique baskets

  • Active bag. Sports, dance, gym, hiking. 
  • Backpack. A new bag and some supplies to refresh kids and get them through the end of the school year. Use for summer camp and over night bag, too.
  • Plain canvas tote. Kids love to decorate these. Inexpensive at craft stores.
  • Nest Eco Toy Bag. Toys accumulate quickly and these are great for doubling as storage.
  • Banana Fish Toy Bag. Wake up Easter morning with treats hanging above your bed! Wall/crib storage for those plush bunnies and ducklings.
  • A wreath. Place on top of a cake plate for an elegant center piece. Stand up pastel candles inside, surrounded by candies, glass marbles, or pastel mini photo frames. Or your candy!
  • Craft supply box.
  • Decorative storage containers. Use for books, yarns, bills, miscellaneous items.


All of these items with a pretty bow and other festive trappings are perfect for a holiday gift!

paper gift bow diy


Great crafty Easter links:


  Martha Stewart’s Decorating For Easter  slide. (Use wooden eggs, faux feathers, and home grown flowers)


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on March 28, 2010.

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