Vegan Easter Candies 2010

My Easter candy staples used to include chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, Peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Jason on writes about one of these staples and how family traditions can make it hard for vegans around holidays because of the flood of temptation from store displays. I agree that it can be a little tough, but I utilize what I refer to as my “vegan Magoo”. [“Vegan Magoo” (n.) – The achieved result of unfocusing one’s vision around non-vegan brightly-colored festive displays of seasonal treats and known temptations. Likened to the vision impaired cartoon character Mr. Magoo.]

Below are vegan versions of my favorites. I was going to resign my search for candy shell mini eggs, but just found Whizzers brand candy! On to the goods.

I was so thankful to come across Sjaak’s holiday section on their website. They have beautiful, fairly-priced Easter chocolates and this discovery renewed my excitement for Easter.


Sweet & Sara’s Peepers (chicks) and Skippers (bunnies) are adorable and from what I see on vegan food shopping sites, they are hard to keep in stock. Understandably! Check out Sweet & Sara’s other great “marshmallow” items, too.

Sadly, Sjaak’s vegan chocolate eggs are sold out! Surely a hit and hopefully available for 2011. Thankfully, these pretty little packs are not the only filled eggs available. 

As you can see from the pattern impressed into their foil, these are vegan creme eggs! Copy cat to the tee. A Pangea exclusive – filled Belgian chocolate eggs.

Vegan jelly beans are much easier to find. Oodles of Googles aid in the search, as well as the tried and true label reading in stores. It’s Starburst jelly beans or no jelly beans for me, though. Gossip on the grapevine is that they’re vegan. I need to do my homework on this. Technical issues render me only able to supply you with this ingredient source for now. See

And last but certainly not least, after a longer-than-expected search, I found an answer to candy shell mini eggs. Apparently new, Whizzers Speckled Eggs have the chocolate and the crispy shell I love so much in those little Cadburys. Whizzers has a selection of other “answer to” candies, as well.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on March 20, 2010.

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  1. […] type, there are plenty of vegan options. I listed my personal favorites. See Vegan Easter Candy 2010 for more […]

  2. Haha I am honestly the only reply to this incredible read!

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