I’ve resurfaced in the blogging world at Tumblr and thought I’d re-post this here because it is relevant.

Three things that cause my blood to boil are drug usage, the mistreatment of children, and the mistreatment of animals. I have many strong beliefs, but when faced with a discussion about any of these, I get tense and worried that I won’t be able to contain myself.

I’ve been looking around Tumblr lately and I think it directly correlates to my perceived rise in anti-vegan/vegetarian rants. These “posts” are nothing more than people being at vegans for pushing their beliefs on them. Pushy vegans kind of tick me off, too, but the crowd that seems very much against veganism as a lifestyle infuriate me. How dare I do good and think about my actions. How dare I want to be healthy and not hurt helpless creatures which our species has enslaved. I could go on, but … For the time being, consider this a plea to carnivores to simply acknowledge that you could be working harder to improve the world and not to barrage those who make compassionate choices with your closed-mindedness, ignorance, hypocracy, and/or guilt.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Anti-Vegan?”

  1. There will come a time when GM produces non-sentient meat so that everyone will be happy. Vegans will be able to eat like everyone else, and they won’t annoy omnivores by making barbecues difficult. Until that day, it is up to me to assist. And I have the solution: germ sausages.

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