Senbazuru Journal Project

Fall preparations of various sorts have kept me busy the past few days. More vegan posts soon, and some art and craft posts are in order!

Senbazuru is Japanese for “cat toys”. Or “1,000 paper cranes”. I would love this in my window, but I keep imagining the ladies going crazy with it!


I have always loved paper cranes and a small project I have in mind is senbazuru. Not in the typical style (a chandelier-like form of several attached strands of cranes), but rather something similar to the photo above. It will be a journal and scrapbook project and each crane will be a sketch, photo, or written blip. Folding three cranes per day for 334 days will make 1,002 – perfect for senbazuru plus two. I could only make one crane on the last day, but what fun is that? Those extra two will be put to good use in a separate creation. 🙂

Naturally, this will be a recycling project, but I’m not a fan of items whose origins are visible because they look like trash or advertising. Recycling art and crafts can be tasteful and beautiful, and in this case, personally meaningful.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 10, 2009.

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