Goods for Good: Wildlife and Pet Protection

Read about the Goods for Good series.

glvb Etsy for Animals – Handmade items by independent artists and crafters. Other donating Etsy teams include Crafting 4 Critters,  and Handmade 4 Hounds.

glvb ASPCA  – This and many other animal-related charities have online stores and your purchases benefit their organization directly. Not every item in the shop has cats and dogs on it! Pet first aid, apparel and accessories, anti-cruelty books, and more.There are usually online donation buttons, too, if you would like to give without purchasing.

glvb Animal Rescue Site – Jewelry, clothing, pet items, and more. You can also “click to give” – each click of their button (no cost to you) sends a donation. Petitions, projects, and e-cards!

glvb EnviroKidz cereals and other foods (by Nature’s Path). 1% of profits are donated annually to endangered species, habitat conservation, and environmental education for kids. The boxes are recycled and chock full of fun things to do and read. This company not only promotes conscientious living, but many of its products are vegan. The site makes it very easy to see which ones are.

Check with your local businesses – groomers, pet supply stores, etc. to learn if they have any donation policies too.

*If you know of any listings I should add, I will happily add them!

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 10, 2009.

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