The Nucleus of Change

glvbMission: Cruelty-free household. When I think about wanting to change the world, it’s overwhelming. (Duh.) It’s important to see the true scope of the issue at hand and be able to envision a greater goal, but sometimes thinking too much with that zoomed-out perspective is counterproductive.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

That is one of my favorite quotes because it is a reminder of the simplicity of change. Starting with yourself, the nucleus of change, will create a great foundation to move on from. Not only your beliefs and practices, but also your reasons why you are doing what you’re doing. Know yourself inside and out and then begin to change and improve your surroundings closest to you.

This occurred to me when I began thinking about attempting to create a cruelty-free household. I feel guilt-free in the products I buy, but when I walk into the kitchen or bathroom and see cleaning products or bath items that are not cruelty-free, I feel a sense of responsibility. Living with other adults has proven difficult enough when it comes to space, schedules, and privacy, but to bring ethics and finances into it will be another thing. I foresee arguments about the purpose of buying more expensive products or even worse – my efforts falling on deaf ears. Merely obstacles!


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on September 5, 2009.

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