Survey, please!

Q. 1.) What’s your favorite food and/or dessert? (Vegan or non-vegan)

Q. 2.) Each post on Green Light is categorized and I am thinking about adding small key graphics to each post to easily show what category it is in. There is a list on the right sidebar showing each category, but would a tiny indicative picture on each post be helpful?


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Survey, please!”

  1. My favorite food currently is Burritos or just plain old beans and rice. I also am partial to Tofu and an array of vegetables. As far as dessert is concerned I would say Ice Cream sandwiches, but I don’t know if people consider those a dessert.

    A tiny photo would definitely be helpful, especially if you don’t plan on just labeling each topic with text. A music site I visit has little icons like that for each band and I find it helpful.

  2. 1) My favorite food right now is sweet n sour tofu. Whole Foods makes it and I can’t get enough! I’m planning on making it soon, somehow…

    2) Tiny pictures are always fun! Do it up if you have the time. 🙂

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