Plays With Frosting

garden party 1Garden party mini bundt cakes? Gnomes love them.

Chocolate chocolate chip mini bundt cake with fresh raspberries on top. Handmade chocolate butterflies were the most fun!

This little guy, and its two mini bundt friends, were my decorating practice one night. The “buttercream” frosting was a new recipe that I put together after trying other recipes that I didn’t love 100%. I wanted something sweet but not tooth-rotting sweet, and it had to maintain a good consistency for piping. Ta da!

 I cut corners and the frosting lines came out kind of fritzy because I used a snipped plastic baggie rather than an actual piping bag, but I was satisfied overall.

The butterflies were so much fun to make, too! I think all of my holiday baked goods and beverages will have ornate chocolate item toppings. There is a non-descript pretty shape on the front of the cake at hand.  Dreaming of bats, turkeys, SANTAAA! “I know him!!” Now to find some vegan white chocolate…


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 30, 2009.

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