Cruelty-Free Pocket Shopping Guide

Get your free Cruelty-Free Pocket Shopping Guide  (PETA)! Send away for one, OR save and print your own copy so PETA can save money. Both have the adorable mousey on them! 🙂 It’s little: business card-sized.

I’ve used mine so much that it’s barely together anymore. It’s great for when you’re stuck in a store and wondering whether or not the product in your hand has been tested on animals.

The guide lists both cruelty-free companies as well as vegan companies and denotes the vegan ones with a small “v“. On the opposite side, you can find a list of companies that do test on animals, as well.

“Companies not listed may be cruelty-free, but because they have not completed a statement of assurance, they are not included.”  I have run into to this a few times. People will say to me “Oh, I heard this company doesn’t test on animals!”, but it will not be listed on the Caring Consumer/PETA sites. PETA has strict guidelines for being classified as cruelty-free.

*If you already have a cruelty-free or vegan list of companies, make sure you know what their standards for “cruelty-free” are.

This is also a great little thing to give to friends and family. Being female, the amount of bath and body products and cosmetics that I receive as gifts is through the roof. Last year alone, I got enough to last me two years. Needless to say, I don’t have to buy lotions for myself for a long time. People may know that I am vegan, but do not often think of it as being a whole lifestyle and not just diet-related. Luckily, many of them state on the packages that they are not tested on animals. Or, at least, the finished product is not. (Ulta, Bath & Body Works, etc.) Many people take that at face value and don’t consider the ingredients may be tested on animals, let alone may be animal-derived.

I am printing and e-mailing copies of this to my friends and family, too. I’ve been on a “Buy Dawn dish soap/Only use these cosmetics” crusade.

Also listed on the Resources page is:

glvb A List of animal ingredients in products (please read its preface).

glvb A database to search for companies that do/don’t test on animals.

glvb Other important and helpful info.

Please check them out. On behalf of the critters, thank you!

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 23, 2009.

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