Strawberry Sweethearts

Sweetheart Strawberry CookiesA hasty photo of my old reliables. These Strawberry Sweetheart cookies (named for my #1 cookie fan!) were one of my first creations and they became a quick favorite of mine. They got me through many a cold night this past winter. I haven’t made them since scarf season ended and now that it is quickly approaching again, they’re coming back! I eat berries by the bucket all summer long, so these are a nice incentive to keep up my antioxidant intake in hibernating months.

These are super easy to make and I’m already thinking of new twists to make some fancier ones, surely to be posted! I can’t wait to pack a little container of these and other yums and take an early Fall day trip to visit the four-leggeds. 🙂

This particular batch was so good because of its simplicity. Small eyeball-sized scoops of dough (that’s a standard unit of measurement), flattened slightly with a small thumbprint “well” for the chocolate. I use squares of baking chocolate for optimimum ease and obscene cookie-chocolate ratio.strawb 2

After they are baked, I gently push down the chocolate squares. The chocolate holds its shape somewhat because these only take 10 minutes to bake.

Before the chocolate cools, add the strawberry slices. The flavor of the berries leaks slightly into the chocolate and dough. Even if the berries jump into your mouth, abandoning cookie ship on the first bite, there is still fruity flavor left to enjoy. Goodnight, Sweetheart.

© Green Light Vegan 2009

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 22, 2009.

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