Birthday Bon Bons and Cupcooks

stephenbday blue 3I love Cupcooks! Cupcake/cookie hybrid sweetness. They’re firm like cookies, but fluffy like a cupcake!

These are a special creation that I (cup)cooked up for Stephen’s birthday. Chocolate chip Cupcooks with a secret weapon: a “mantle” (geology, yeah!) of oreo crumbs and chocolate lava. These stealthy goodies come equipped with a chocolate and oreo decoy cover!

This was a particularly stressful project because not only did I want to make an oreo-themed batch (he loves the O’s), but I had to keep the hour-long (sans traffic), mid-July drive in mind. I got some nicely sized Thermos cooler bags for a few dollars, cranked the a.c. in the car, and crossed my fingers really hard as the traffic slowed. To relieve the suspense, they made it! The above photo is post-trek. 

Those little blue striped guys are oreo cookie dough truffle balls dipped in chocolate and fancied up with my basic (vegan, of course) buttercream frosting – neon style. I was so happy that I could pull off a cheerful-but-boy-friendly plate. The guys “savored” them all in about five minutes  😀 Bon bon anniversaire!

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 22, 2009.

One Response to “Birthday Bon Bons and Cupcooks”

  1. very creative! love it!

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