Cheese and Vegan Futility

While surfing the web and reading other vegans’ blogs, I found Neva Vegan. Her blog header includes “..I’m vegan. I like to eat. I like to rescue animals. I type too much. I’m wordy. I write about life, art, and other things too…” I thought it a perfect match! I enjoyed reading her writings and one piece made me laugh out loud and lightened my mood while I was briefly pessimistic about the future of veganism for society so I had to share. Other vegans will surely appreciate it 🙂

In one of her posts regarding the nefarious cheese issue for vegans..

“…Over the holidays I heard that phrase that vegans hear over and over and over and over “I could never give up cheese.” I’m amazed that people always feel compelled to tell me this, especially in situations, such as sitting around a table where I’m the only vegan, where I can’t really properly respond.

Generally this kind of statement makes me ponder extreme and unlikely situations where the person in question would give up cheese, like needing to climb a mountain every day for a single bite of cheese, or the only available supplier of cheese being a known pedophile who finances his child pornography ring though the cheese business…”

My first reaction was “If only it was that hard to get cheese! (and other dairy)”. Then my mind kept going and I wished that more people realized that the emotional, physical, and mental stress animals endure to produce these products is harder for them to live with than our stupid cravings. It’s times like these that I get incredible angry at meat eaters.


~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 21, 2009.

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