How now, HappyCow? Find veg eateries

happycoAs part of the grand scheme of Green Light Vegan, I want to write restaurant reviews of local veg-friendly restaurants and bakeries. I found, a Compassionate Eating Guide, just in time. I have been to several 100% vegan restaurants, but reviewing the restaurant flees from the brain of a hungry little vegan craving a meal!

I decided to start clean and make a master list of all of the places I would like to visit. I don’t recommend Google searching for veg restaurants because Google has low standards..

I was able to register at HappyCow (for free, of course) and “save” all of the restaurants. There are detailed descriptions including info such as whether or not the place is 100% vegan or vegetarian, offering veg-friendly options, descriptions of type of food, price range, and user reviews.

If you’re traveling, the “browse” option is great. You can begin searching by country (USA for me) and narrow it down to which city or town you’re looking in. The listings include veg food stores and shops, as well.

If you’re feeling like a smarty pants, check your veg IQ, too! (You need to register and log-in for it).

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 19, 2009.

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