I Want Your Trash!

I love recycling or “upcycling” old or discarded items. The creative process, the design challenge, and turning junk into something beautiful or useful have caused me to become addicted to eco-friendly crafts. Those whimsical motivations paired with the deeply ingrained, fervent desire to stop pollution and help save our planet and animals make me an eco-crafting zealot!

Here’s a list of supplies I may want to take off of your hands (unless you’re crafting, too, of course).

-Bottle caps – Plastic soda/water caps, twist off or unbent pop off metal beer/soda caps, lids to jars like peanut butter or jam, Simply Orange oj lids, etc. I clean these thoroughly and the possibilities are endless.

-Glass jars – Jam, mayo, salsa/dips, etc.

-Security envelopes – Those pesky bill envelopes and other mailings with the security design on the inside.

-Pretty papers – Origami, scrapbooking scraps, etc. If it’s pretty and bigger than a business card, I’ll take it!

I’m sure I will add more to this list later.

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 12, 2009.

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