Everyday Wildlife Champions – Dawn Saves Wildlife

Look at that face!

This year, with every purchase of a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid, $1 is donated to helping rescue wildlife. (You may have seen the commercials.) Their donation goal amount is $500,000 and as of today, they are up to $26, 075. To help, look for the wildlife bottles (as seen in this photo) then go online and activate your donation to send it along. Take a minute, while you’re on the computer checking e-mail, and it will be a minute well spent. Spread the word!

I can be a minimalist when it comes to discussing the violent and messy facts of animal rights and protection, but there are some things I will pass along as fundamental and pertinent in educating people. It’s not a secret that Earth’s oceans are polluted by oil spills and other hazardous chemicals, but a lot of people rarely think about the true depths of the consequences of the water (and surrounding land) conditions.

Penguins, seals, and other ocean-dwelling animals are suffering greatly by ingesting these chemicals via food and water, having the pollutants being absorbed into their bodies, and – as the basis of this post – being coated with oil from spills. These conditions are intrusions on the animals’ basic survival and living conditions and can be prevented.

“For 30 years, wildlife rescuers have used Dawn dishwashing liquid to gently remove oil and help save wildlife affected by oil spills. Animal rescue organizations choose Dawn because it removes the greasy oil—while being gentle on delicate feathers and skin..

Over the 30 years Dawn has been involved, the success rate for wildlife rescue from oil pollution has increased exponentially. Dawn dishwashing liquid has been a vital tool to wildlife conservation organizations, with thousands of donated bottles cleansing—and saving—over 75,000 animals in the last 30 years” –DawnSavesWildlife.com

 I spent a little time looking around the Dawn website and they have some more information such as other organizations to check out, rescue photos, tips on protecting wildlife, and more.

 Dawn also sponsors an organization called Everyday Wildlife Champions and you can find them on Facebook. Find ways to volunteer and get connected through events and more.

You can even “donate” your Facebook status to share their Wildlife Wednesday fact. This week’s fact: The amount of water used to clean an oiled bird changes depending on how severe the spill is. One pelican can use as many as 300 gallons of water. During the “Tenyo Maru” oil spill in 1991, the IBRRC cleaned 700 birds and used 1,000,000 gallons of water – much of that in the pools they need to swim and rehabilitate the birds after they have been cleaned.

~ by Katherine Cota MacDonald on August 12, 2009.

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